Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vegan on the Western Shore

So today grandma and I drove up to Annapolis to go up to Whole Foods Market. We first went to scarf down some food from the food bar before we went and took care of our grocery shopping.
I spent soooo much money but got a TON of vegan goodies, along with soaps shampoos toothpaste, etc. , as well as some other things too!
Some awesome foodstuff holding contraptions
I had a blast with my grandma and got some awesome goodies.

While you don't need expensive things or anything from Whole Foods in order to be vegan, it's nice to treat yourself every now and then to goodies. But a trip like this is NOT cheap. I spent about $145 on all the things I bought for myself.

Also, pro-tip from a seasoned Whole Foods travelling veteran: go for boxed goods as opposed to more fresh stuff unless you're buying vegan yogurt or kombucha(not available anywhere near me).
If you can buy it locally, don't buy it up in Annapolis(unless it's small and cheaper, like my toothpaste or a to-go deodorant crystal) transporting cold foods are more difficult and can go bad much faster than things you can buy in a box. Also you can stock up on boxed goods whereas fridge/freezer space is MUCH more finite.

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