Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Juice Delicious

There's a restaurant/juice bar that's been in town for a few months that makes fresh juice on the spot!
I remember when I first noticed the sign, I became ecstatic! But when I started looking online for contact info I couldn't find jack squat!
So I drove up to the door and peered inside. It looked empty and abandoned. Sad, I figured they had been there before but must have went out of business, but turns out, they just hadn't opened YET!
I drove by there later on, and noticed the sign was lit!
So I've been going there on rare occasions to treat myself to a fresh juice. Last Tuesday I went in and communicated my needs to one of the owners and she created an amazing vegan friendly sandwich! Avocados, tomatoes, cactus, and a few other veggies!

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