Sunday, March 17, 2013

Recycling Old Makeup Containers for Vegan Purposes!

So you may be like me, and fairly new to the whole makeup thing, or you may be a die-hard vegan of many years and trying to switch companies. Either way, this is something cool I've done, and you can use this to store things like micro SD cards, try out samples of makeup brands that use leaky containers or those bags.

A friend of mine hooked me up with some old eyeshadows she no longer uses(she tried and didn't like) and I dare say they are bad. Not only are they not vegan, but they are of a super poor calibur! But instead of just tossing those eyeshadow containers and wasting even more stuff, I just washed out the eyeshadow(well trashed the powder itself but cleaned out the metal part) and used it to put in a base to try of a vegan brand! You can use this for toting around an "emergency" kit size of makeup to aid you throughout the day, or store things like little memory cards or other various things of a tiny calibur! 
1. There's your eyeshadow. There it is. Now scoop out that shadow and trash the powder! It's old, it's grimy, you picked up the container at a yardsale for $0.10 just cuz you adored the container!
2. Now wash it and dry it THOROUGHLY! You don't want your makeup sample to get gross, it's difficult to handle!
3. Tap some of the powder in it(I'm trying the base powder from Everyday Minerals, an all vegan company).
4. Press it down(GENTLY) and add more, this particular container took the whole bag once pressed. 
5. Now peel off(or cut out) the original label stating what product that it is, and affix it(tape?) it to the front of the ex-eyeshadow container. Voila! 

I wonder what else you could use these containers for? Putting a little clock inside? A mini-mirror, a photo or collection of keepsakes? A fancy salt if you're too hoity-toity to use tablesalt? A super neat way to pass along notes to a friend like a secret agent? Who knows, but I've shaken the hell out of the container now that I've pressed it down and it's not really doing much, meaning methinks it's fairly secure! <3 br="">


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