More than Fries and a Salad

 Local Owned Vegan Restaurants + Their Vegan Options

Common Grounds: Various Soups, Veggie Wrap, Fruit Cup, Cookies, Various Beverages
Irish Penny: Huge Potato With Tomatoes and Spinach
Viva Espresso: Fruit Cup, Portable + Mozzarella Sandwich(No cheese, make sure to specify!)
Juice Delicious: Vegan Cactus Sandwich, All Juices
Sage Diner: Some Kind of Wrap(I need to look up to specify the item)
Cafe Italiano: Veggie Stromboli with Marinara Sauce instead of Cheese
Dragon Chinese: General Tsos Tofu
China Fun: General Tsos Tofu
Lombardis(one next to the comic book shop): Their pizza crusts and sauces are vegan, they will let you swap cheese for another topping, load up on veggies!
Bagel Bakery: It's been too long! I'll have to go back in to find this out again.
Pemberton Coffeehouse: Random Baked good of the Day(they sell quickly!), Various Beverages
Riseup Coffee: Acai Berry Bowl No Honey, Various Beverages
Gettin'Grounded: Larabars, Various Beverages

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